Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random tidbits

1. We have named the Rabbit. His name is Eddie.

2. Phoebe doesn't seem to be bothered by Eddie. I drove her to work last week and she behaved perfectly.

3. Wii Fit is tremendously fun and cool. Except the part where it is mean to you when you skip a day. It will let you add activities, but not to previous days, so I couldn't find a way to tell it that I had spent FOUR HOURS at synchro practice on Sunday and there was NO WAY I was going to be able to drag my sorry ass onto that balance board afterward.

4. I'd like to thank the lady at Michael's who told me the secret to crocheting dish scrubbies. They're made of tulle. Who knew? Turns out we have quite a bit of it left over from the wedding, so I tried it. I learned that 4" is too wide, but 2" should work. The scrubbie I made is a little dense, but I think it'll still work okay.

5. Huckleberry is playing kitty soccer with one of Spike's bones. Seriously.

2009 resolutions

1. Read 45 books or more this year, 15 or more of which are on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list.

What the heck -- let's try this again.

2. Lose most of the 34 pounds I gained in the past two years.

My goal is to fit back into all of my pants. We have recently begun to use our new Wii Fit, so I hope it will assist me in this goal. I will also eat more fruits and vegetables and not so many cookies, chips, and the like.

3. Keep doing 50 pushups, flutters/Supermans, and situps every night.

Every night that my arms aren't KILLING ME from FOUR HOURS of synchro practice, that is. I joined a synchronized skating team in Cincinnati that lost a skater recently to a knee injury. They were desperate to find a replacement because they no longer had enough skaters to compete. I forgot how sore your arms get when you hold them up for two hours at a stretch!

4. Consistent loop.

Or, failing that, a semi-consistent loop. I'd be happy with one in ten right now -- I haven't seen my loop in months. If you happen to discover it wandering around Cincinnati or Michigan somewhere, please send it back. I miss it.

Last year's resolutions: Update

1. Read 45 books or more this year, 15 or more of which are on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list.

Nope. I only made it through 31 books, and only one of them is from the list. The upside of this is that I can't die!

2. Use up another three bottles of perfume.


3. Save money toward the Smart car and our wedding.

I mostly succeeded at this resolution. Both the Rabbit and the wedding are paid for, though our emergency fund isn't as robust as I'd like.

4. Increase my daily pushups and situps to 50 each.

I achieved this, along with slowly adding 50 Supermans (also known as flutters).

5. Go out for lunch only once per week at work.

Well, it wasn't only once per week, but over the year I averaged less than twice per week.