Sunday, July 30, 2006

Salmon wraps

Earlier this week, I made salmon wraps for dinner. I was trying to copy the salmon wrap Steph had at a restaurant a few weeks ago, and although it was different, we both liked it.

I cooked some salmon in a saute pan with tequila lime marinade and a little oil. Also in the tortillas were brown rice, dill, light cream cheese, chives, chopped green onions, and bean sprouts. Try it yourself -- it makes a nice summertime dinner.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Tired. Last night after work Steph and I went out to eat and then went by Dan's house and convinced him to go with us to the Team Indiana after-Games party at Talbott Street (it didn't take much convincing). We had a good time, and the Team Indiana athletes got to go up on stage at one point to introduce ourselves.

Today we worked on putting stuff away at home and then I went to Linens and Things and got a cloth shower curtain liner and a new curved shower bar. Then we went to dinner with a friend and hung out with her for a few hours and I learned how to take care of her cats, as she'll be out of town in a couple of weeks. She showed us a really good Greek restaurant in Fountain Square. Now Steph's reading about how to make a waste veggie oil processing tank for a Mercedes. I'm blogging. Lucy is hissing at someone -- not sure who.

Time for bed. Tomorrow David and Garrett are helping us move the rest of the shelves from my house, plus as much other stuff as we can get packed.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Gay Games report

I may have posted some of these details before, but here's the message that I sent to the skaters' list I'm on:

I had the most amazing time competing at the Gay Games last week. It was wonderful to meet Sara and Debbie, as well as many other skaters, and also Jim, who volunteered. It was also great to see Cinderella and Erica. All of the skating was incredible to watch. I’ve already started asking my coach how to do some of the neat things I saw, like a lunge into a sit spin.

Several skaters did programs in memory of friends, family members, and partners. I don’t know how they do it -- I would be in tears trying to skate such a moving tribute.

I had to skate against the book in both of my events, as the other skater in my group didn’t show up. My freestyle program went well, although I didn’t land my loop. I did land it in the warmup for my showcase event, but not in my showcase program. (I’ve been saying for four years that my goal was to land a loop at the Gay Games. Maybe I should have been more specific and specified that it should be during the competition!) Regardless, the one in the warmup felt good, and I’m happy with how I skated in both events. I was surprised to get two gold medals.

The ice show was a lot of fun. I chose to skate my spotlight program, which is to “Defying Gravity” from the musical Wicked. I hadn’t skated under a spotlight before, so that was a little disconcerting. I didn’t skate my program as well as I would have liked, but I still had a wonderful time.

I can’t wait for 2010 in Cologne!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


To: Lucy

Mommy and Other Mommy take showers just about every day. Showers do involve water, but they are not painful. Neither are they frightening. In fact, we like them. We aren't flexible like you are, so we have to resort to other methods to clean ourselves. We understand that you fear for our lives every time we get in the shower, but we don't need you to warn us (at the top of your lungs for the entire duration of the shower) about the dangers inherent in water. We don't know why the shower suddenly started to scare you, but we are not afraid. Do not worry. We love you, and we will protect you should the shower attack you.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the way home

We're heading out soon -- only a day later than expected. We didn't make it to Ikea on Thursday because of the traffic, so we decided to go yesterday instead.

I'll post more about the competition and ice show and all the people we met when I get home.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Press coverage

My friends Sara and Debbie have a picture from their pairs program featured on Yahoo News! I'll find other coverage when I have more reliable Internet access....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's not easy bein' green

All of the spotlight and couples events were yesterday. I skated my spotlight program (also known as interpretive at USFS competitions), which is to the song "Defying Gravity" from the musical Wicked. I am Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and in the song she learns to fly (and I learn to jump). The costume consists of a black skating dress, black tights, black boot covers, a black cape, a witch's hat and broom, and green gloves and makeup.

My warmup went really well -- I landed my loop during it, and Steph saw it. I didn't land it during the program, but everything else went well. I skated against the book again, and I got another gold medal. Because of the green makeup, I didn't want to stay in costume until the awards ceremony, so I stood on the podium in my Team Indiana jacket and pants and my witch's hat, gloves, and broom.

Tonight is the ice show, and I get to choose which program to skate in it because I got gold medals for both. I'm currently planning to skate my Wicked program because so many boys came up to me and told me how much they liked the musical.

We'll be at Ikea until my 4 pm call.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Gold medal!

My freestyle event was this afternoon. I had asked to be allowed to compete against the boys instead of having to skate against the book (that's when you have no competitors, so they judge you against the test standards, and you don't necessarily get first place). They combined a couple of events so I'd be competing against one of the boys who was in my age group, but he didn't show up, so I had to skate against the book after all.

There were hundreds of spectators cheering everyone on. It was wonderful -- I don't think I've ever skated in front of such a large audience. Debbie put me on the ice, and I skated well. I didn't land my loop, but just about everything else felt good, and I even heard the audience clap for me a couple of times during my program. I didn't shake afterwards, either.

I placed first, which means that I get to skate in the ice show on Thursday night. My medal is gorgeous and very heavy. It's engraved on both sides, and I wore it all evening.

Tomorrow: showcase.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Very tired

I had two official practices today, one for freestyle and one for spotlight. My freestyle practice was at 7:30, so we got up before 5:00 so we could try to beat rush hour. It was so humid during my first practice that it was raining in the rink. However, I skated fairly well (considering that it was just after an hour and a half of driving). My loop showed up once, and my backspin attempts were better than usual. After my first practice, we went to Boystown to look around and stopped at Caribou Coffee for a cup of coffee and a muffin, and we walked over to Gay Mart, where Steph bought some cool body wash and I bought a Boystown T-shirt. We also bought a rainbow bracelet and a present for a friend. Then we checked out Unabridged Books and went back to the rink for my second practice. I had an okay practice -- it was really hot in the rink -- but my head started to hurt and I started crashing, so we went to Duck Walk, an excellent Thai restaurant, before we got on the road to go back to my dad's.

Tomorrow is my freestyle event! I'm still beading my dress.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday at the Gay Games

Today was the skaters' meeting. It was nice to get everyone together and have a way to get some of our questions answered. I met Sara and Debbie from the adult skating e-mail list, and they're both really nice. After the meeting, we went back to the Hilton to see the booths at the expo hall and I tried on these bouncy shoe things that are used for low-impact exercise. (Steph has pictures of me bouncing around in them, but she can't get a wireless connection to upload them yet.) We ate at an Irish pub in the Hilton, and the service was really slow -- slow enough that we ran out of time seeing the rest of the expo hall, so I couldn't practice this afternoon.

My designated practices tomorrow are at 7:30 and 1:20. We're going to try to see some other sports in the meantime.

Opening ceremonies

Turns out we have wireless Internet at my dad's. Apparently one of his neighbors has an open network, so we can get online (although the signal strength is very low).

The opening ceremonies were amazing. I especially enjoyed all the different kinds of dance and the gay and lesbian marching band. It was incredibly hot, though, and they kept us in a big field for three hours while they lined us up to march into the stadium. According to Steph, we were the only team wearing long pants.

Two more figure skaters joined Team Indiana in the last few weeks, so I'm not the only one anymore! Today is the skaters' meeting, and tomorrow I have official practice ice. There's also some open ice this afternoon, so I might take my skates in case we decide to stick around for it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Last practice

This morning was my last practice before I leave for the Gay Games. I had a couple of good run-throughs, and some of my jumps felt particularly high. My loop wasn't there, and I wanted to stay out there for a while until it decided to show up, but I had to go to work.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Eight days left

Today was my last lesson before I compete at the Gay Games. We added a waltz jump to my program in case the higher-level jumps aren't judged, and it was interesting to try to add something to a program that's already pretty packed with content. I had one pretty good run-through and one that was just okay.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Quote of the day

Scene: Steph and I cleaning out the fridge at my old house.

Me: Did I ever tell you you're a saint?
Steph (scraping icky stuff out of a bowl): No, I'm just really good at closing off my nose.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lack of Internet

We have been plagued by lack of Internet at home. Steph's iMac upstairs has no trouble keeping a connection, but our laptops are usually unable to get IP addresses. I haven't been able to get online at home since Tuesday.

In other news, the cats are still fighting, I'm still moving, and we're still unpacking. The Gay Games is one week away and I'm not ready.