Monday, July 17, 2006

Very tired

I had two official practices today, one for freestyle and one for spotlight. My freestyle practice was at 7:30, so we got up before 5:00 so we could try to beat rush hour. It was so humid during my first practice that it was raining in the rink. However, I skated fairly well (considering that it was just after an hour and a half of driving). My loop showed up once, and my backspin attempts were better than usual. After my first practice, we went to Boystown to look around and stopped at Caribou Coffee for a cup of coffee and a muffin, and we walked over to Gay Mart, where Steph bought some cool body wash and I bought a Boystown T-shirt. We also bought a rainbow bracelet and a present for a friend. Then we checked out Unabridged Books and went back to the rink for my second practice. I had an okay practice -- it was really hot in the rink -- but my head started to hurt and I started crashing, so we went to Duck Walk, an excellent Thai restaurant, before we got on the road to go back to my dad's.

Tomorrow is my freestyle event! I'm still beading my dress.

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