Saturday, July 29, 2006


Tired. Last night after work Steph and I went out to eat and then went by Dan's house and convinced him to go with us to the Team Indiana after-Games party at Talbott Street (it didn't take much convincing). We had a good time, and the Team Indiana athletes got to go up on stage at one point to introduce ourselves.

Today we worked on putting stuff away at home and then I went to Linens and Things and got a cloth shower curtain liner and a new curved shower bar. Then we went to dinner with a friend and hung out with her for a few hours and I learned how to take care of her cats, as she'll be out of town in a couple of weeks. She showed us a really good Greek restaurant in Fountain Square. Now Steph's reading about how to make a waste veggie oil processing tank for a Mercedes. I'm blogging. Lucy is hissing at someone -- not sure who.

Time for bed. Tomorrow David and Garrett are helping us move the rest of the shelves from my house, plus as much other stuff as we can get packed.

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