Monday, May 21, 2007

Dadblogging: Articles and brochures

Instead of mailing me stuff, my dad brought it with him last weekend.

* Brochure from Anthem on physical activity
* Chicago Tribune article "A lot rides on damaged alloy wheels"
* A diagram he drew of something that may have to do with water pipes
* A printout of a Yahoo article on Constellation Energy Group
* A Jim Mateja review of the 2007 Saturn Aura Green Line hybrid
* Some Toyota promotional material from England
* The official guide from the Chicago Auto Show
* A savings card from the auto show for 10% off at Firestone
* A CD sampler from Scion
* A cool metal Scion keychain (mattindy77, it's yours if you want it)
* A GTI pen holder (like the Beetle ones) complete with a set of stickers to customize it
* Honda, Toyota, and Scion promotional material
* Chevy Volt and Corvette promotional material
* Saturn and Chrysler promotional material

1 comment:

spacegrrl said...

oh yeah. your dad needs a blog.

i realize that leaves a lot of physical objects unaccounted for (although the promotional material could perhaps be scanned, then recycled, unless considered collectible), but much of that could be covered by blogging.

or maybe he needs to make shadow boxes of little collections of objects.