Monday, June 12, 2006

And moving some more

Most of the moving from Steph's house is done, and I've started on my house. As I said, last week Steph helped me bring over the rug from Ikea, and we also brought the table my stereo sits on. My friends Barb, Nancy, Lori, and Judy helped me pack and bring over a load of stuff on Saturday, and I brought another load on Sunday. Today I went to my old house at lunch and packed some more.

Lucy is adapting. After spending a couple of days inside the bathroom cabinet, she's now comfortable with exploring the upstairs. She still hisses at Spike, who just wants to play with her, and she's taken to hiding under the covers of the bed. I'm certain that she knows about the other three cats even though she hasn't met them yet. She's using the litter box normally again, which is a relief, although she completely refuses to come downstairs.

Last night someone broke off part of the antenna on my Honda (it no longer retracts) and bent the rest of it in two places. I'm still thinking about making the Honda into an art car of some sort. I'm more interested in gluing objects all over it than in making a sculpture out of it, especially because I'd like for it to still fit in the garage. Driving a giant sculpture around would be a lot of fun, though.

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