Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Smart Car!

Elizabeth sent me a NY Times article (sorry -- login required) detailing DaimlerChrysler's plans to introduce the Smart Car in the United States in 2008. I've wanted to own one of these microcars since I first saw them in Europe in 2001, and this development could change my plan to get a Prius. I could own a Smart Car for a few years and then get a Prius -- the Smart Car actually gets better highway mileage (69 mpg) than the current Prius, and they're supposed to start at $15,000.

It's hard to say which of my cars would be cuter.


lisa said...

they've been talking about introducing the Smart for years-- i'm glad it will finally happen! maybe when it's time to replace creampod, i can get a Smart.

what about a Smart vs. the Insight? since they are both so small.

Smart_AJ said...

The Smart Cars are already available in the US from ZAP www.zapworld.com ZP (NYSE). A California based company who is also planning on brining a Brazilian made car to the US, the Obvio! 828, that is a hybrid that can run on any combination of ethanol and gas. Zap is also the only car company who is selling a Chinese manufactured car in the US the 100% electric Xebra city car.