Friday, April 27, 2007

NYR update 5

1. Floss: Still flossing consistently. I think it's become a habit by now.

2. Lunch: Slowly making progress on last year's deficit.

3. On time: I'm leaving the house a little earlier these days. Moving to our new building at work will help, as my commute will probably be a little shorter.

4. Flip: It felt like I got good height in my flip attempts this week, but I'm not getting the rotation, so I'm landing forward on two feet with a three turn to backward.

5. Save: Selling Steph's old house helped a lot in this department.

6. Recipes: The leg of lamb I made for Easter turned out well. I'm going to figure out something to do with ahi tuna this week.

7. Trans fat: Doing much better.

8. Perfume: One bottle down, two to go. I'm working on the larger bottle now, and I can see the level going down. I'm glad I like all of these scents -- this would be no fun at all if I didn't.

9. Compact: Doing okay. We bought a new vacuum and air purifier with a gift card recently.

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