Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I found an interesting online shopping/barter site. It's called PoshPoints. You sell things for points and then buy other things with your points. You can buy extra points if you need them, and you get 15 free points to start out with. Plus if you join through my referral link, I get 10 points when you list your first item for sale. Most of the stuff is little (say, the value of a DVD or a pair of jeans or less), but I've sold several books that weren't worth much at half.com and a little giveaway pedometer so far, and I've bought a shirt, a lot of something like 10 pairs of shoelaces (necessary in this house, where Dru is always looking for shoelaces to chew), a pair of jeans, and a tea bag squeezer/holder thing (difficult to explain).

Here's my referral link.

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