Friday, April 28, 2006

Four for Friday

Courtesy of belicove.com:

Q1 - Possessions: Do you think that the more stuff you own enhances your life or adds to your burden?

It depends. I currently have too much stuff, which adds to my burden, but if I didn't own some of my stuff, my life would not be as good as it is. (Currently, I'm thinking about my toothbrush, my bed, my skates, and my favorite shoes. I don't include the cat because really, I don't own her -- she owns me.)

Q2 - Oil: If OPEC decided to turn off the oil spigot, do you think that the United States would have the right to wage war to protect its interests?

No. I think the United States should be much farther along on the path to living without other people's oil.

Q3 - Movie: Have you seen the movie Ellie Parker with Naomi Watts? If so, would you recommend it to a friend?

I haven't seen it.

Q4 - Birthday: What are the maximum number of days someone should spend celebrating his/her birthday?

Well, my girlfriend says there's such a thing as a Birthday Mardi Gras -- that's when your birthday falls in the middle of the week and you celebrate it on both surrounding weekends. :-) I tend to celebrate on my actual birthday and also go to dinner with friends, whether that's on my birthday or on another day, but I figure that you should go ahead and celebrate whenever possible!

Bonus Question...

Q5 - Dancing: How often do you dance... and I don't mean just boogying to your favorite tunes inside your car or in the shower. We're talking real dancing here, with a partner on a dance floor (weddings count).

As often as possible, but realistically only a few times a year. (Does Dance Dance Revolution count?)

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