Thursday, April 20, 2006

New pants!

Last night while shopping for a wedding present, I wandered into the clearance section at the back of LS Ayres. A couple of years ago, one of my cow-orkers sent around an e-mail about this clearance section, and I went at that time and got a bunch of clothes for $2.53 apiece. Last night, many of the clothes were $2.98. I got 25 items of clothing last night for $213 and change. I added up the original prices this morning and they came to more than $1150! I got several sleeveless dresses (a couple with excellent 70s patterns -- one I swear came straight from a wallpaper sample book I had when I was a kid), a couple pairs of pants, and some sweaters and skirts and shirts and jackets, too. One of the dressses is perfect for the wedding, and today I'm wearing a new pair of brown pants with cool button details and stripes down the sides.

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