Saturday, January 13, 2007

NYR update 2

1. Floss. I forgot to floss the other night. However, I've flossed each night except that one, so I'm working on forming the habit.

2. Go out to lunch at work only once a week. Doing well. I went out to lunch with some co-workers yesterday, and that was the first time I've done so all year, so I even made progress on my goal of catching up from last year's excesses.

3. Be on time to work. Not doing so well. I still can't get up early enough to get out of the house on time.

4. Land flip. No flip yet, but I learned a new jump sequence (half lutz-toe loop-falling leaf-salchow), which is seriously kicking my ass. It's most assuredly going in the program by the time I compete in February.

5. Save money. Doing okay. I'm saving money by cooking more at home, not buying stuff, and not shopping on eBay (except for the new walking shoes I bought to replace my walking shoes at work, which had split at the heel seam).

6. New recipes. Some progress. I'm making a new variation on white chicken chili tonight, and I made a version of baked ziti with some substitutions last week.

7. Less trans fat. Doing pretty well. I found a loaf of garlic bread with no trans fat last night at the grocery store, and I haven't had a single french fry all year.

8. Perfumes. Doing moderately well. As I said, I picked out three perfumes, and I've been wearing them a little more than half the time. Today I marked the level in each with a marker. (One has about 1/4 bottle left, one has about 2/3 bottle left, and one is almost full.) However, I purchased three new bottles of perfume at the Body Shop the other night. They were on clearance ($6 each, originally $16 each) and they've been discontinued, so I felt I had to get them. I already knew I liked them because I have a little sample pack of nine of their scents. They're keeping four of those and getting rid of five. I feel kind of bad about buying them, though, so I'm not going to use them until I finish at least one bottle of the three I'm trying to finish.

9. The Compact. Doing okay except for the purchase of some small stuffed animals (at 75% off) to throw to my skating friends at competitions and the aforementioned perfume. Also, I bought walking shoes, but that's kind of health-related, as I need to take care of my feet and my old walking shoes were cutting into them and making them bleed.

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