Sunday, March 12, 2006

Articles from my dad

Every couple of weeks or so, I get an envelope in the mail from my dad that contains some newspaper and magazine articles he thinks are interesting. Steph often says that it's my dad's way of blogging -- if he had a blog, he'd write about the articles, but since he doesn't, he sends them to me. (My mom also saves articles for me, but not nearly as many or as often.)

Recently I received

* a Jim Coates article from the Chicago Tribune about a card you can put in your PC to get HDTV
* an article that says that the Federal Reserve's raising short-term interest rates means that investors should take less risk
* an article about the Furminator, a de-shedding tool designed to remove hair that pets will shed; next to it (included because it was underneath the large headline) is an article about a homeopathic remedy to stop snoring in pets
* an article about a penguin statue in a Sox uniform that was stolen and later found
* a brief mention of the Camry hybrid
* a column about how workers' futures are in their own hands (in terms of retirement)
* an article about how bond funds aren't a particularly good investment right now
* a Post-It: "languagemonitor.com ex. 'refugee' is now an 'evacuee' per Katrina (site may be of interest?)"
* an article about an online test that helps you understand your money motives (http://www.marketpsych.com) -- it said it was a free trial at the time but will cost $100 now
* a printout of a Yahoo! Finance article about why people work long hours
* an article about biodiesel that mentions Willie Nelson's first BioWillie fuel pump
* a recipe, cut out of the paper, for Mom's Chicken Soup

I love the variety of stuff my dad sends.

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Steph said...

This is on my list of "cool things about Stephanie's dad that make him different from my own parents."

Another is his technique of organizing, labeling and dating everything...