Sunday, March 05, 2006

Power class

I hadn't taken a power class in a while, and I didn't get to skate much this week, so I decided to go on Friday. This particular class is a walk-on, not the kind where you sign up and pay for several weeks, and it's at a convenient time. There were nine skaters, and I was the only adult. My coach said that I'd probably be in the middle speed-wise, but I was definitely one of the slower skaters.

Sometimes one of the kids would request a specific exercise to do. Although I'd done most of them before, I knew them by different names. One of the exceptions was the seal crawl, which is surprisingly difficult. You lie face-down on the ice with your feet splayed out like a seal and support yourself on your hands, propelling yourself down the ice using only your arms. I had my own cheering section for that one -- the skate moms in the bleachers thought I was pretty hilarious.

The power classes I've taken in the past have focused more on technique, and I missed that. Also, a short water break at some point would have been helpful. Otherwise it was good. I think I'll go again next week.

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