Saturday, March 11, 2006

What Kind of VW Are You?

Which VW Are You?

by Auto Glass Across America

Yep, I'm a Bus. I don't consider this to be an insult to my New Beetle, though, because a Bus played a big part in developing my love for VWs. My parents owned a 67 when I was little, and they even drove it on a trip around the country and camped in it. It started out white, and my dad painted the lower half red when I was two. He let me help him sand it before painting, and apparently I was so into it that they had to keep me inside for a while after he painted it because I wanted to keep sanding!

They sold the Bus soon after we moved to Indiana because it didn't have enough heat, and my dad says that when they told me, I went outside and sat in it for two hours. I was two and a half at the time. I remember eating in the Bus only once -- we had McDonald's on the little table in the back and my Oma was with us.

A couple of years ago, lisa took us for a ride in 9Westy, and it felt just like riding in my dad's Bus. I don't know how I know that, because I don't have any memories of actually riding in it, but somehow I know.

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