Saturday, March 25, 2006

Update on Skate Cincinnati

I didn't have time to blog about Skate Cincinnati last weekend, and when I tried to post during the week, Blogger was down. Anyway... Skate Cincinnati was a lot of fun. My freestyle event was on Saturday, and I skated okay. I didn't land my loop, but everything else was average or better. The ice was very hard and I felt like I couldn't get a good grip on it, so some of my footwork was a little trippy. I placed fifth out of seven, which I think was accurate. The first-place skater did an amazing program to a piece from the soundtrack to The Incredibles.

My coach was there on Saturday because she had another skater competing, but she didn't go on Sunday. I got to introduce her to my old synchro coach, which was fun. (She'd wanted to meet her because she heard so much about her all the time.) It was really nice to catch up with several people from my old synchro team, too.

My interpretive/showcase event was on Sunday, and I skated well. I must have been skating faster, as I had enough extra time at the end for another jump. This time I used the kind of green makeup that is not in a tube, and I like the effect better. I placed second, which I expected -- my competitor was a silver-level skater (two levels above me).

Next up: South Dayton Silver Skate in mid-May.

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