Sunday, August 13, 2006

Flickr photo badge

Steph helped me place a Flickr photo badge on my blog. I uploaded 17 photos tonight that I took with my new camera (Steph's old camera). (Actually, my cow-orker Alan took two of them.) Anyway, I'm planning to take more pictures than I used to now that I have a better camera and an easy way to upload them.

Here's a really frightening picture of the hot dogs my cow-orker Patrick grilled at work the other week:

Hot dogs


Jonathan said...

Did you mean to call Patrick a cow?

Stephanie said...

Nah, a cow-orker. It's a completely different thing. :-) (It started on a copyediting list I'm on when people said that when "coworker" is spelled without a hyphen, the first thing they see is "cow." Thus "cow-orker" was born.)

Maxine Dangerous said...

Those are some frightening weiners.