Saturday, August 05, 2006

Things to do to the house

I made a preliminary list of things to do to the house.

Have survey done
Get fence around back yard for Spike
New kitchen lights (and rewire switch so they work correctly)
New electrical outlets: porch, bedroom
Have electrical outlets grounded
Get new grill cover so we can move grill to deck
Get china cabinet for dining room (after fence so we can move bar out to deck)
Buy dehumidifier for basement
Paint rest of laundry room
Paint bedroom
Paint downstairs bath
Paint upstairs bath
Paint deck
Paint hallway/piano room
Paint kitchen
New drywall in kitchen ceiling
Foundation repair in NE corner
Get rid of carpenter bees
Have year-long radon test done
Replace upstairs bath floor covering
Replace laundry room floor covering
Replace shower with claw foot tub in downstairs bathroom
Get upstairs bathroom cabinet to hold towels and stuff
Replace upstairs bathroom lights
Replace downstairs bathroom lights
Add fan to upstairs bathroom
Build three-car garage with carriage house
Get shelf brackets for shelf in piano room closet
Paint exterior/fix siding
Replace brick sidewalk

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