Saturday, September 23, 2006

$5-a-bag day at the library sale

We live near the Library Services building where the library book sales are held. There are sales every couple of months, and every six months or so there's a half-price day followed by a $5-a-bag day (presumably so they can clear out a lot of the books that didn't sell). Regular prices are reasonable -- $2 for hardbacks, $1 for trade paperbacks, and 50 cents for mass market paperbacks -- and I've bought my share at those prices, but I'd never managed to make it to a $5-a-bag day... until today.

I purchased two bags of books for $10. 50 books. (And eight cassette tapes 'cause my Honda still has a cassette player but no CD player.) That's twenty cents per book. Not bad. Four books are gifts, three books were overflow from Steph's bag, and nine books are earmarked for half.com. That leaves 34 books for me to read.

I'd better get busy.


Maxine Dangerous said...

I'd like to accompany you to one of these sales next time you go ... please keep me posted! :)

Stephanie said...

Sure -- that would be great fun! We have to figure out where to put our recent purchases before we go again, though! :-)