Saturday, September 30, 2006


Steph and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Fishers today. I wasn't looking for my wedding dress, but I found it. Or, rather, I found it in purple and the woman who made it is going to make me one in white.

The underneath part is sleeveless, and it has an overlay of sheer fabric with leaves and vines on it (they will be white). I don't know what the sleeves are called, but they're really big, and the dress has a simple scoop neck and is fitted through the bodice. It has a short train.

I saw one of the sleeves trailing behind a woman taking the dress into the dressing room, so I waited until she came out. She didn't buy the dress, so I tried it on even though I knew it would be too small. I showed it to Steph and suggested that it would be a good wedding dress if it came in white. By the time I went into the dressing room, the woman who made it had told me that she could in fact make it in white and that it probably wouldn't be that small on me after all. I knew as soon as I looked in the mirror that it was The One, and fortunately Steph likes it as much as I do.

When I wear the dress for real, I will not be sporting dark blue underwear (which you can see through the dress in the pictures Steph took when I was trying it on) and tennis shoes.