Saturday, September 02, 2006

Four for Friday

Four for Friday is back!

Q1 - Food Eating Contests: Joey Chestnut, the top-ranked U.S. competitive eater, is looking to capture his second straight title this weekend at the Waffle House Waffle-Eating World Championships at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. (Last year, Chestnut won the title by devouring 18.5 eight-ounce Waffle House waffles in 10 minutes.) If you were to quit your day job and take up competitive eating as a professional gustatory athlete, what food items would you specialize in, or, which food eating contest would you be the hands-down favorite to win the world championship?


Q2 - Laundry: When you do laundry, do you use the recommended amount of detergent or do you pour to your heart's content?

I tend to use a little less than it recommends because otherwise my clothes remain a little soapy.

Q3 - Handwriting: Do you like your signature?


Q4 - Today: What are four things you know you will not be doing today?

Eating cereal, meeting the Pope, going out to dinner, and learning to knit.

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