Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Last week I got a voice mail message that I'd won 15 free Chipotle burritos in a drawing. (I'd dropped my card in a fishbowl the week before.) I called the guy back, and as it turns out, I had to redeem my 15 burritos all at one time. So I headed over there at lunchtime today with five of my co-workers, Steph, and two of Steph's co-workers. They gave us our burritos and even threw in free drinks, and they let me take the remaining six home. I told the guy that I'd be back and that I'd recommend the place. The burritos are tasty and are big enough that I could have saved some for later. I'm thinking that if I made some side dishes to go with it, Steph and I could split one of the remaining burritos for dinner.

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