Saturday, February 10, 2007

NYR update 3

1. Floss. Doing well -- I think it's become a habit.

2. Go out to lunch at work only once a week. Doing very well. This week's free burrito adventure doesn't count as going out, as it was free. Sometimes I make lunch for my co-worker Alan, and he pays me $3 per lunch. I've decided that making two lunches for Alan is equal to going out one extra time, and this (plus going out less than once per week so far) has reduced my "lunch debt" from last year to 10.

3. Be on time to work. I still can't get the hang of getting out of the house on time.

4. Land flip. No flip yet, but new loop exercises. Because there's a loop in the flip, they should help.

5. Save money. I'm not spending much, but not saving much extra either. This resolution has become more important in light of the news that my company was sold this week.

6. New recipes. A few weeks ago I made peanut sauce for a stir-fry, which turned out really well. This week I'm considering making regular chili, which I've never made before.

7. Less trans fat. I was doing well until today. We were out to lunch with some friends and I ordered potato salad with my burger. One friend ordered cottage cheese, but they brought him fries instead. He didn't want them, so I ate them. (It was probably a good thing after all, as I didn't like the potato salad.)

8. Perfumes. Doing well. I can see the difference in two of the bottles, but one of them isn't disappearing as fast. Still, I think I'll make my goal. I use a different perfume about once a week for variety.

9. The Compact. I'm not doing as well as most other people on the e-mail list I'm on. However, I've made a list of everything I've bought this year, both to make myself consider the items and to keep track of whether I use them.

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