Friday, January 13, 2006

Four for Friday

From belicove.com:

Q1 - You: What one person, out of all the people you know, knows you the best and knows the most about you?

Probably Steph.

Q2 - Alongside You: If you were recovering from major surgery in a hospital and could have any person, from any era, recovering in the bed next to you, who would it be?


Q3 - Your Computer: Is your computer's home page set to an Internet Service Provider, news/newspaper site, blog, search engine or portal such as Google or Yahoo, or something else? ow often do you change your hompage setting?


Q4 - Your Work: Would you be willing to take a fifty percent (50%) cut in pay to pursue a career or job you were one hundred percent (100%) more passionate about than your current one? If not, what percent cut in pay would you be willing to take?

Nope. I like my job and if I took a 50% cut in pay, I would have to either stop eating or move in with my dad.

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