Monday, January 16, 2006


I'm amazed at how tired (and headachey) spending the day at home has made me. I haven't even done that much -- just stuff around the house. Today I

* imported all the music from my desktop computer into iTunes on my laptop
* did some laundry
* did some dishes
* did some more laundry
* reattached the lint catcher thing in my washtub after it came off and stuck in the drain, which caused water to spill out of the washtub all over the basement floor
* set up the binary clock I got for Christmas
* put away a few Christmas decorations and presents
* caught up on some blog reading
* worked on a present I'm making for a friend's birthday
* worked on my costume for my showcase program for Saturday
* did two sudoku puzzles

None of those things should make me particularly tired. Maybe I'm still feeling the effects of staying out late the other night.

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Steph Mineart said...

It's also possible that you didn't get enough sunshine yesterday, too.

I love you!!!!