Saturday, February 18, 2006

BPAL: Snow Moon 2005

I recently picked up (via eBay) a bottle of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Snow Moon, a limited-edition A Little Lunacy oil. They offer a new limited-edition fragrance on each full moon that's available for only one day, and this was December's.

One thing to know about BPAL: The oils are all natural, not synthetic, so they smell different on everyone, and the scent often changes -- it will smell different in the bottle, when it's wet, and after it's dry.

The description: In December, the skeletal, ice-rimmed fingers of winter take hold, and the nights are long, chill and dark. The first flurries of snow touch the land, and the earth itself becomes quiet. A scent of purity and silence, soft with falling snow, as dark as Midwinter: an icy flurry over the winter blooms of narcissus, pansy crocus, dahlia, tulip, chrysanthemum and white rose, with a hint of fir and birch.

In the bottle, I like it. It's very fresh and piney. I smell a lot of pine when I first put it on, but as it dries, it changes to something that doesn't work on me. From reading reviews at the BPAL forums, I think it's a sweet floral combination that I don't like. I tried a little on my hand just now and it's better than it was the other day, but I'm afraid that note I don't like will show up again. I'm not having much luck with "cold" scents, which is a shame, because they all sound so great.

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lisa said...

i passed on snow moon because the floral sounded overwhelming.

i did get budding moon, which is more floral than i normally go for, but i like it sometimes.

anything you want to try out, let me know, i'm happy to send you a sample of anything i have, and it's crazy how much i have :)