Monday, February 13, 2006

Tony Ha rocks. We love Tony Ha.

I used to have one of the oldest working cell phones. Okay, it wasn't an antique or anything, but it was four and a half years old and it was starting to show its age. Steph and I wanted to get a family plan together (when Steph's plan ran out) that would make service cheaper for both of us and would give us the ability to call each other for free. In addition, we would be able to get new phones, and Steph would be able to use her phone at her house, where she previously had pretty bad reception. We had a plan picked out and were deciding what phones we would get when I noticed that Cingular raised their prices. We decided to wait, as I wasn't about to pay more for my half of the bill than my old plan had cost.

In December, we walked by a kiosk at Castleton Square Mall that was advertising a family plan that cost less than the original family plan we were looking at. We stopped to look, and the guy working at the kiosk greeted us. His name was Tony. I started asking Tony questions about the plan, the phones, and even the length of the promotion. He answered all of them without being condescending or impatient. When we told him we weren't going to sign up that night, he wrote a lot of information down for us and gave us his card.

The next time we were in the mall, we stopped by the kiosk again, but a different guy was working. He wasn't nearly as knowledgeable or professional, and we elected to wait until Tony was working.

Later in the month, we were in the mall again (we don't always spend that much time at the mall -- it was Christmastime), we walked by and there was Tony. He remembered us and we decided to get our new phones and plan. In addition to helping us get our phones up and running and calling Cingular to get us a discount on the activation fees, Tony gave us a coupon for free car chargers (they were out of stock). He said we could call to see whether the chargers were in.

I was at the mall again (exchanging a Christmas present that didn't fit) and stopped to see if the chargers were in. The guy that wasn't Tony was working. The chargers weren't in yet, but he took my phone number and promised to call when they came in; he said they expected them the next day. I asked him about a problem that I was having with my phone (the pictures, backgrounds, and camera would stop working and I would see only broken-picture icons when I would try to select a picture) and he made the excuse that things like that would happen because the new phones were so complicated that they were more like a PDA or a computer.

No phone call came, so I called a couple of weeks ago and left a message with my work phone number asking about the chargers. About a week later, I got a voice mail at work from Tony. He said he wasn't sure that anyone had called me back, so he wanted to call just in case, and our chargers were both in. I mentioned to Steph that he'd called, and she happened to go to the mall last Friday to go to a different store. She stopped by the kiosk and Tony was there. He remembered Steph, remembered which chargers we needed, and gave them to her even though she didn't have the coupon for the chargers (I had it in my purse).

Tony Ha rocks.

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