Sunday, February 05, 2006

You can't get there from here

Anyone want to tell me how I can get home from the Coliseum?

I can't turn out of the fairgrounds onto Fall Creek because you can't turn left on 38th St.

They herded me out the other side of the fairgrounds onto 42nd St. -- apparently they weren't letting people out on 38th St. I turned left.

I turned left on Broadway to go back toward 38th St. so I could turn left. However, it was closed after 40th St.

I turned right on 40th St. to try to get around the construction. I figured I'd go to College and get on 38th St. from there. No dice -- you can only turn right when you get to College. I turned right on College.

I continued to 42nd St., where I turned left to try to get turned back around. I turned left on Broadway and left on 40th. When I got back to College, I could only turn right, which (conveniently) was the direction I actually wanted to go.

I turned right on College and headed toward 38th St. However, you can't turn left on 38th St. from College either, so I turned in to the Walgreens parking lot just after 38th. The parking lot had an exit on 38th, so I turned right there, finally accomplishing my original goal.

I arrived home nearly an hour after stepping off the ice (and I only spent about twenty minutes of that hour taking my skates off, chatting, and petting Ellie's dog).

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