Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympic opening ceremonies

Last night we watched the opening ceremonies with Team Indiana, the team I'm on for the Gay Games. It was fun to meet a lot of the other athletes, and I even won a door prize, an orange Gay Games messenger bag. So far I am the only figure skater on the team. They have a variety of sports represented: men's and women's softball teams, track and field, tennis, road race, basketball, swimming, and raquetball, among others.

We enjoyed the opening ceremonies. I think the strangest part may have been the dancing couples dressed in cow-print fabric among people pulling large cow statues around on leashes in formation. (Moo.) I always like the parade of athletes, too.

I just finished watching the end of the pairs short program and the men's 5000m speed skating. They reported that Michelle Kwan had a bad practice this morning; Steph commented earlier that it must be difficult to practice with everyone watching, and I didn't realize until tonight that they were taping TV coverage of it. They said that the ice on the speed skating oval was soft; I wonder how the ice is for the figure skaters.

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