Friday, March 23, 2007

The Abba tape

A few weeks ago, we were going through some stuff, and I found something I'd misplaced several years ago: the Abba tape. My dad made the tape from some of his Abba records back in the early days of cassettes (it's dated 2/1/81), and we listened to it often. I used to put it on the stereo and roller skate to it in the hallway -- I had those skates that went over your shoes. The tape also accompanied us on almost every vacation, and we'd listen to it in the car. This, to me, was the definitive Abba, so some of the songs on Abba Gold and More Abba Gold (their greatest hits discs from the 90s) were new to me. Now I have quite a bit of Abba music on CD and MP3, but I know I'm missing a few songs that were on this tape, including one about an ocean that I haven't heard in years and never knew the actual title of. It sounds better than I expected it to after 26 years -- not great, of course, but not bad for a very old and heavily used tape.

I've been planning to recreate it as a playlist in iTunes, and this morning I rewound it, stuck it in the tape player, and started to write down the song titles as they played. (I also located a blank tape to make a copy of it at the same time.) I'll post it when the tape finishes.

In the same drawer as the Abba tape was the sock hop tape, which is a topic for another post. I promise to post that playlist too so you can make fun of the questionable musical taste I had in high school.


Daniele Rossi said...

The ocean sonmg is probably "Move On". Do you remember if they lyrics were "Like a roller in the ocean, life is motion, move on"? If not, it could be "Happy Hawaii".

I'll be glad to help out with any Abba questions you may have :)

Stephanie said...

Yes -- that's it! Thanks!

CGHill said...

I must here admit that I made an Abba tape of my own many years ago; I guess it's time to 'fess up.