Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NYR update 4

1. Floss: Still flossing consistently. My dentist was happy with my teeth two weeks ago.

2. Lunch: I have gone out for lunch less than one time per week so far this year. However, I did go out three times last week for stress relief and co-worker bonding.

3. On time: Not doing so well.

4. Flip: Started working on flip with new coach this morning. I'm happy with the exercise she showed me and with my progress today.

5. Save: I can't complain -- we've not been buying much.

6. Recipes: Last night I made rosemary-peach chicken, which turned out well. It was supposed to be rosemary-orange marmalade chicken, but we didn't have any orange marmalade.

7. Trans fat: I'm still making a good effort. Except for the french fries on Sunday.

8. Perfume: Almost done with the bottle I'd been concentrating on. Second bottle (small) is just over half full, and third bottle (large) is about three-quarters full. I may not finish all three this year, but I'm reasonably certain that I'll come close.

9. Compact: Doing okay but not perfect. I did buy my loop a shirt on Saturday, after all.

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