Monday, March 12, 2007

Fish craving

On the way home I had the most incredible craving for fish. Not healthy, good-for-you salmon or tilapia, not expensive shrimp or orange roughy, but that fish from elementary school that's breaded and shaped like a plank. (My craving may have been precipitated by a Filet-O-Fish commercial I heard on the radio.)

So I went to Kroger on the way home in search of this fish. I was happy to find that Gorton's makes it. It comes six to a package (a serving is two pieces) and you bake it in the oven. Even better, it contains no trans fat.

I purchased a box of fish (and various other things -- honey, I got you a twelve-pack of diet Dr. Kroger or whatever they call their Dr. Pepper knockoff; I also scored two jars of pizza sauce for 35 cents each). I came home and preheated the oven while I let the dog out, and now, if you'll excuse me, I have some fish to eat.

ETA: Yes, yes, I know, no one cares what I had for dinner.


Jonathan said...

I care. But your last sentence did sound a little sapho! Great seeing ya the other night, loves ya!

spacegrrl said...

"But your last sentence did sound a little sapho!"

heh :)


btw, i had hummus for dinner. it was tasty. i know you care deeply.