Saturday, March 24, 2007

In my dreams

Last night I had strange dreams. It was hot, and our bedroom was rearranged because the roofers were in the middle of having it painted. In one of the dreams, I went into a store, which had ice instead of a floor. I expected to go in and skate a program, but I was able to skate a little on the way in.

The first thing I did was try a backspin, and I held it for five revolutions. I was excited when I got to two, and although the spin slowed down, I hung onto it, and I was so happy that I screamed at the end of it. In real life, I've never gotten past just under two revolutions, and the dream was really great because I could finally feel what the spin is supposed to feel like. I dreamed about my one-foot spin before I was able to do it, so I hope this is a good sign.

We worked on my backspin in my lesson this week, and my coach had me keep my free foot behind my skating foot on the entrance, which helped a lot. I did one that felt really good on Thursday night, and I hope it continues to improve.

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lisa said...

i dreamed several times about driving stick shift before i learned, and it was vivid in the same way, i could really feel what it felt like.