Friday, March 02, 2007

The difficulties of making coffee

We have three coffeepots at work, one each for stronger coffee, weaker coffee, and decaf. They don't have a window to show the level of coffee remaining, but you can tell how much is left by the resistance of the lever you press to dispense the coffee. When there is no coffee left, pressing the lever causes the pot to dispense an unfocused squirt of coffee that sprays all over the place.

Several of my co-workers do not make coffee when they take the last of a pot. The rest of us can tell when the person before us knows they have depleted the pot; it's apparent. A few individuals (all, coincidentally, of the male persuasion) have remarked to me upon walking away from a coffeepot they emptied that they do not know how to make coffee and are afraid to screw it up. It's as if their time is worth more than mine -- or that of any of the other people who make coffee when they run the pot out.

There are directions posted on the wall next to the coffee bar. It's not hard. If you are capable of holding down a professional job -- which you obviously do -- then certainly you can make coffee. I'm sure your penis is not large enough to get in the way.


Jonathan said...

You should put this posting up at each pot.

SaraSkates said...

Snort - perhaps they just think it is. Clearly, they are deluded...

Sorry you got sprayed. Coffee is the WORST type of stain to get out too. Cold water sets the oils in it; warm water sets the coffee stain; you're screwed.

Maxine Dangerous said...

*snort* I should NOT be reading your blog while I'm at work. It's hard to cover up a snort/LOL with a "cough." That penis comment was too funny. :)