Sunday, May 21, 2006

First-half-of-weekend update

Steph and I went to game night on Friday and shopped at Out Word Bound. I bought three used books -- one on once-a-month cooking, one about people who live in Florida, and one about a couple fixing up an old house in 1946 -- and one new book of rather academic essays about the L-Word. One of the contributors spoke at a conference I attended at IU in 1995.

My dad visited yesterday to take the snow tires off my Honda and put the regular ones back on. (I don't currently have enough garage space to store the snow tires, but I think we will in the new house.) Some other things we accomplished:

* Washed Phoebe
* Charged Phoebe's battery -- she was completely dead again
* Cut up and bundled a huge pile of tree limbs
* Cleaned out the gutters on the front of the house
* Mowed most of the front lawn
* Trimmed some of the bushes away from the house
* Trimmed some tree limbs that were touching the house
* Cut down a couple of trees that weren't supposed to be growing
* Drove by the new house

Then Steph and I saw the DaVinci Code. It was late, and I fell asleep.

Today we're showing Steph's house twice and I'm going to do some work I brought home.


lisa said...

is that the first time your dad has seen the new house in person?

i'm curious about the book on monthly cooking-- what is the title?

once a month is about all i want to cook, myself :)

Jonathan said...

who or what is Phoebe?

Stephanie said...

Phoebe is my 1998 Volkswagen New Beetle. She's black with tan interior. Here's a picture of her with her friend Spacepod: http://www.flickr.com/photos/electrasteph/34218547/in/set-1110748/